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       WELCOME TO BIRMINGHAM QURAN                                                    ACADEMY




Welcome to Birmingham Quran Academy (BQA), the leading institution in the UK for the teaching of Quranic recitation, tajweed and hifz -ul - Quran. Formed in April 2010, Birmingham Quran Academy is setting the standards for Quranic recitation in the UK and spearheading the revival of the traditional art of Qiraa'ah.  Bringing together the ablest and most passionate teachers from Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, the UK and beyond, BQA strives to bring the purest oral tradition of Quranic recitation to the youth of the United Kingdom. At a time of hatred, disunity and misunderstanding of Islam from within and without there has never been such a need to bring back the unifying message of the Quran to spread love, peace and tolerance as is desperately needed today. BQA is one of the most reputable institution in the UK to learn Qiraa'ah in all it's forms,, hifz-ul-Quran and Tajweed.

What makes us different?

Birmingham Qur'an Academy is non-sectarian and has no other objective other than to promote the beauty of the human voice when combined with the majestic and spiritual words of the Quran.  Like the Bible and Torah, the Quran was revealed for mankind but it was the oral tradition of passing on the Quran from heart to heart through generation to generation by the process of memorisation hifz which has preserved and guaranteed the authenticity of the Quran throughout the ages.  From when the very first verse was revealed from the archangel Gabriel to Muhammad (pbuh) the process of preservation started as each verse was immediately memorised thereafter by multitudes of people. Rigorous checks were put into place to ensure consistency and accuracy to guarantee up until this day that the Quran of today is the very same Quran revealed to Muhammad (pbuh).  This chain of transmission where the Quran was recited from person to person is the Quranic chain of transmission or Ijaza system which distinguishes Birmingham Quran Academy and makes it a beacon of Quranic learning.